Wednesday, 15 June 2016


If you ask me, (hey I know you didn’t but I’ll tell you anyway since it’s my site ha ha, and I expound on my reasons below) it is my firm contention that GoldMoney offers investors a very low risk, very high potential return on share purchases.

What follows is why I feel confident saying that:

- GoldMoney is a new, well financed, debt free, strongly backed publicly traded Canadian company.   TSX - (XAU)

- You have to admire the founders. They could easily have listed GoldMoney years ago as an ‘if, maybe, could, should, eventually, forward looking statements’ type of speculation, but they waited until they had all the duckies lined up and quacking before launching the stock. I’m sure co-founder and CEO Roy Sebag risked millions of his own money setting everything up. And he’s the biggest investor with 51% of the shares. (is he a future billionaire?) GoldMoney is a happening open for business going concern as we speak! 

- The necessary substantial investment in people, structure, security, digital platform, proprietary patent pending trading software, secure gold vaulting/shipping/auditing contracts, multiple account funding financial linkages, etc etc has already taken place and been funded. So that has already been de-risked. And remember, some of these issues were too difficult to solve for others who tried this.

- The structure and platform, carefully developed over many years, as I see it is very well designed to facilitate a virtually unlimited number of customer accounts globally. It enjoys all the benefits of net based businesses that made success so huge and fast (Amazon, Google, EBay, PayPal etc) It is very scale-able (easily expandable to meet demand). Every new customer is less expensive to support than those that joined earlier. Along with its many other positive attributes adding value, the low fee structure and no minimums or maximums for account funding/gold purchases means to me that it should have a very wide appeal. 

- In this age of global economic and financial crisis/uncertainty, with bank account bail-ins (realized and potential) and high counter party risks, it seems rather likely that the unique, inexpensive and high quality service offered by GoldMoney will be in big and growing demand, not so?

- Anyone who can/has opened a bank account will be easily able to open and fund a GoldMoney account

- GoldMoney is available globally (except sanctioned countries).

- MasterCard Debitcard now available (free)

- Thinking just of China, for example, (whose citizens are strong physical gold advocates and where gold export is forbidden), how many Chinese citizens will be interested in having access to a free GoldMoney account with low fees funded easily through China UnionPay, facilitating holding gold outside the country (secure, deliverable and spendable anywhere on the planet)? Many many millions, in my estimation. Not to mention Indians, Asians, Japanese, Europeans, and everyone else. (Note that PayPal, with many similarities to GoldMoney, has hundreds of millions of accounts!)

- As I’ve said before, what’s not to like here, folks? Why would anyone with a heart beat who learns about GoldMoney NOT sign up? After all, it’s free to join, easy to fund in any amount, secure, offers the lowest price to buy/highest price to sell actual allocated 99.95% + pure physical deliverable gold, with 24/7 liquidity, a free MasterCard debit card for purchases, and all this with the lowest fees in the industry! Now I feel I’m far from naive, so I don’t underestimate the limitations of the common man, which means many will fail to see the major advantages of opening a GoldMoney account, (let alone buy the shares) but at the same time you must admit that given the obvious tremendous value here, many many will.

- The free optional affiliate program is icing on the cake. It helps ensure a more rapid growth. (Affiliates earn gold from GoldMoney for each referral that opens an account.) Already I have come across 3 separate articles on GoldMoney, and I wasn’t even looking. Not to mention banners. And that’s after only 2 weeks since the startup! So word will quickly spread.

- Remember GoldMoney has no real effective competition in their field. Amazing when you think about it, really. It doesn’t seem possible, but that’s the undeniable fact of the matter. They have simply found a way around the barriers, where others failed.

So what realistically is the potential here, you may ask. I did a really quick, back of the envelope guesstimate. (do your own due diligence) Here is my Guess: Average annual turnover for every customer - I come out with a possible average of $100/yr in fees. (Note, thats the average - some will be more/much more and some less) Now that’s maybe not unrealistic, given that PayPal is said to be worth $80 per customer, and if you ask me the average GoldMoney customer could easily do more than the average PayPal customer. So for each 1 million customers, GoldMoney might be worth 100 million dollars (or even conceivably more). Divide that by say 40 million shares and you get $2.50/share x how many million customers you think GoldMoney could deliver over a reasonable time?

Remember PayPal quite quickly generated umpteen million and now has hundreds of millions! I just found out that GoldMoney signed up 10,000 accounts in the first week (4x more than hoped for) And that’s with no advertising and not much time for affiliate promotion, Get the picture? Lots and lots of realistic potential.


Sept 15 - 170,000 acts

Dec 15 - over 500,000

Mar 16 - over 800,000 and $1.7 Billion Gold in accounts

Jun 16 - over 1,000,000 

Sept 16 - over 1,250,000

And remember China! That alone is a company maker, isn’t it. ha ha ha


IMHO, this is an amazing opportunity, as both a GoldMoney customer and investor. GoldMoney is the right product at the right time at a great price, no? Is there some theoretical risk? Maybe, but likely only very short term. Price should only trend higher over time as the customer base builds and the word gets out. It’s surely not a matter of whether GoldMoney will be a success, the only real question is how big? To me, investing in shares of this company is a no brainer. It’s like getting a tiny piece of gold every time a GoldMoney account holder makes a transaction, in perpetuity! And in the case of a financial fiat ‘Reset’, it only gets many multiples better, doesn’t it?

PS: All this should happen with the gold price somewhere around here (which at $1200/oz is about the average mining all in cost of production, which should provide a floor for anything but a short term panic fall) What happens if gold should happen to rally strongly? Not to mention the 'reset', hey!

Note: I’m not a financial/investment advisor. I’m a speculator who believes in physical gold in personal possession and owns GoldMoney shares. Do your own due diligence. 



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