Monday, 28 March 2016


I feel quite confident that after the current financial debt based fiat system collapses (not too long now IMO) and they 'reset' to a new system, Gold is going up 50x to 100x in todays purchasing power, (not hyper-inflated toilet paper). The basic reason is that all the fiat currency currently allocated to the store of value (SOV) globally will instantly migrate to the new SOV, that will be gold. This is the reason that some CB's (like Russia and China) are buying all the gold in size they can get. (BTW - there is a strong rumour that they are paying $30,000/oz for it, wonder why, hey) and why to get into the EURO all countries need(ed) 15% of their reserves in physical Gold.

That's not to say it will be that easy, people, it never is easy for us small fry, is it. The strong gold hands will be working hard to get your physical on 'this side of the Reset'. IMO they will do that by ramping the paper gold price first possibly hard down, and certainly hard up to maybe Rickards $10,000/oz on the way to hyper-inflation. Only those strong hands (with deep knowledge, not necessarily deep pockets) will be able to withstand that and keep their gold to the 'other side'.

Never forget that the fiat currency you will be paid for your gold 'on this side' of the reset will be soon hyper-inflated to worthlessness, so in effect you will be giving your precious gold away if you sell it for current debt based fiat, whether it is for $5000 or $10,000 or any other number you can imagine. You will know hyper-inflation is baked into the cake, (if you don't know it already) when 'helicopter money' (which THEY are discussing already) starts anywhere. THEY will have to try it because THEY need consumption to greatly increase in order to save the deflating economy due to 'peak debt' saturation. That's the reason that all the 'printed trillions' hasn't caused the needed 'growth' and prevented the ongoing deflation.

People, i'm not saying/predicting the end of the world, ok - just the end of this current global fiat debt based system. It's end is guaranteed due to a fatal flaw (which BTW has caused ALL PRIOR FIAT SYSTEMS to collapse in the same way this iteration will - hyper-inflation). I'm sure you are all dying to know what that flaw is, aren't you? That flaw is simply this: that because all fiat currencies are now debt based, meaning that they are borrowed into existence at interest (and are therefore the issuing CB's liability), the growth required (because it is essentially a ponzie scheme) and also in order to pay the accruing interest payments on all prior issuance, means an ever growing debt balance until the 'magic' of compounding interest essentially eventually requires the debt to grow exponentially into a hyper-inflationary collapse event. This is mathematically certain, and the only question is how long before the said collapse (as explained - a feature not a glitch). By 'printing' what the real reason for doing that besides bailing out the banking system, was to extend the fiat timeline as long as possible, seen? BUT, and this is critical to understand, they could in so doing extend the timeline to collapse but NOT prevent its eventual hyper-inflationary collapse (because the compounding interest growth rate was slowed down but will still mathematically eventually grow to infinity).

The reason (there are reasons for everything, correct?) that the physical Gold price is both repressed and jerked around (by means of non backed paper gold derivatives) is to prevent it attaining to its true role, that of the global SOV, which the ponzie fiat currencies usurp, do you see that fact? They must prevent at all costs Gold attaining to the SOV role because if it did, it would very quickly blow up the fiat ponzie scheme. Gold is not hoarded by the Giants as they do (the Uber wealthy old money and their CBs) as an investment, but rather because they designed the fiat system and are therefore very well aware of the built in collapse feature I have just explained. They know (not a belief or supposition or guess) that they only thing that will survive and actually thrive said fiat collapse is physical Gold and real PRODUCTIVE assets (BTW like BitGold stock shares which are a fantastic investment under these circumstances)

It's my intention with these missives to help others deepen their knowledge to enable them to make the transition to the 'Reset' successfully. GOT GOLD?

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